“It’s like a casino in the woods”

Winerybound spends some time with Charles Ruff,  the Culinary Director, Partner at Oregon Truffle Festival. We go over the history of the festival in addition to getting a better understanding of this unique and highly prized culinary mushroom.  

2018 Private Barrel Auction Insiders View with Director Jamie Peha

Jamie Peha is the Director for The Private Barrel Auction, a trade focused event that is part of the Auction of Washington Wines. The Private Barrel Auction builds acclaim for Washington State wine and creates awareness about the region while offering top caliber buyers intimate access to winemakers and extraordinary wines not available anywhere else….

Red Mountain Winemaking History and Viticulture With Brian Rudin of Canvasback

Brian Rudin is the winemaker for Canvasback and one of the emerging stars of Washington wine. He practices a vineyard-focused approach, working closely with Canvasback’s renowned growers to cultivate grapes that capture a richly complex and compelling style. Join Winerybound as we learn more about Brian and his role as winemaker for Canvasback. For more…