Polo Noir

Who doesn’t like Pinot and Polo? If you combine both, it’s obvious you have a clear winner.

With that being said, a polo game paired with a winemaker picnic, is really a feast of the senses for everyone. It’s an expensive day (easily between $100-150 per person) that involves a lot of pageantry. This means dressing up, donning a fabulous hat, and picnicking.

You won’t be disappointed with the visuals, so be sure to bring a camera.

What’s great about the Polo Noir event is that rather than driving from tasting room to tasting room, you can sip and swirl from tent to tent. This occurs while hearing the thunderous roar of polo ponies in the background.

For the inaugural event, event organizers gave attendents a grand day with a Ben Harper concert at the tail end.

Plan in advance.  You won’t be disappointed.


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